Milk Road

What is the Milk Road?

Milk Road is a Vision Lens for a "Different New Way to View, Think & Talk About 
Our Changing Relationship Story with Asia"
The Silk Road

Start Simple

A simple way most people begin thinking & talking about Asia starts and ends with trade.

Important trade - like the trade of silk and milk.


The Silk Road

This way can lead to thinking about how these days, people in Asia go out to search, find and import milk powder back to their home country from other countries.

Historically this can be compared to people in Europe who went out to Asia to search, find and bring back silk.

Milk Road is a natural name for this type of trade route because Silk Road established a pattern for how people see, think and talk about this type of trade route as shared language.

A Next Step

A next step to think about Asia starts by asking questions like these:

"Why this is happening?

Why is there so much demand in Asia for milk powder from outside of Asia?

The answer to these questions starts with thinking about Food Safety.

Food Safety is shared language that makes it easier to think and talk about systems that produce unsafe food.

The reason why there is so much demand in Asia for milk powder from outside of Asia is because people are concerned about unsafe food systems in Asia.

A Problem

A problem is there are too many unsafe food systems in Asia.

What Will Solve This Problem?

Building world-class food systems in Asia will solve this problem.

What Will It Take?

What will it take to build world-class food systems in Asia?

This is a multi-trillion dollar goal that will take at least 80 years to achieve.

It will also take people aligning partners and mobilising capital.

What do people need to align partners and mobilise capital?

Investment Themes - people need investment themes to align partners and mobilise capital.

More about the investment theme to build world-class food systems in Asia is described below.

First let's think & talk milk roads.

What is a "Milk Road?"

A milk road is a road that people use to get food, starting with milk.

Humans and mammals build milk roads at birth, crawling for milk to start life.

Life starts with milk.

This is why milk roads are fundamental building blocks in the story of life on earth.

We also know that many farmers sell their milk down the road so they use milk roads too.

For a long time, most of the milk that farmers sold was to people in places and cultures they knew or from where their families had come.

Then one day, a country in Asia grew their economy from small to big.

Naturally consumers there wanted safe milk.

And people started building new milk roads to move milk to that country from places like your farm or community.

And that created more change.

Milk Roads have always changed your life, now more than ever.
What Inspired the Milk Road?

A Silk Road Story

Story Legend

Story legend from the 5th century AD is that two monks from the Byzantine empire went on a mission to steal a secret kept in China for more than 1,000 years.

How was silk made?

Outside of China, no one knew it was spun by silkworms. The monks smuggled live silkworm eggs out of China, hidden inside their bamboo walking sticks. Today we call that intellectual property theft. It may rank as one of the biggest heists in human history.

What happened after the silkworm theft?

It changed the silk industry.

Second part of this story

The second part of this story answers this question.

When did the Silk Road get its famous name?

1,300 years AFTER the theft of the silkworms is when the Silk Road got its name.

1877 is the year that German geographer & traveller Ferdinand von Richthofen finally coined the phrase “The Silk Road” as ‘Seidenstrasse’ (silk road) & ‘Seidenstrassen’ (silk roads).
The Silk Road

The Silk Road is a metaphorical name for a valuable route of trade, culture and investment inspired by an iconic consumer product that makes it easier to create and narrate memorable stories.

The Silk Road & Milk Road Stories Share Three Important Lessons

Lesson 1.

Trade routes create change.

Investment Theme

Why is the New Milk Road an Investment Theme?
The New Milk Road has become an investment theme because the trade route has become so important, especially to Australia.

What is one of the powerful dynamic New Milk Road Investment Themes to improve Food Security?
The New Milk Road Investment Theme is the name of the investment theme inspiring the construction of world-class food systems in Asia.

Why is this New Milk Road Investment Theme poised to grow?

This New Milk Road Investment Trend is poised to grow because Three Essential Building Blocks that drive investor behaviour recently moved into place.
Building Block #1.


Unsafe food systems in Asia have created global concern.

What dynamics underpin the New Milk Road Investment Theme?

One Fact & Two Assumptions underpin the New Milk Road Investment Theme


More people live in this circle than outside - 4 billion plus.


What Should I Do Now?

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